Tobin Walton

I Code for People

Seriously, I like solving problems, and code is the tool I reach for most of the time. Sometimes, I've got to get old-fashioned and use my mouth to form syllables to speak to people, so that we can solve problems together. I can also write things good. Er, well.

I'm proficient in back-end web development using Python frameworks (Flask/ Django) and a number of databases. I'm also familiar with a wide range of other technologies including but not limited to: PHP, C# and Javascript (NodeJS).

I'm knowledgeable of Javscript frameworks (Vue, React), ES6, Webpack, NPM, Yarn and whatever other fancy thing has come out since I wrote this sentence. I spend a lot of time writing Javascript to solve problems that you can see in your browser. I'm particularly experienced at cleaning up other people's messes.

If it sounds like I could help you, you should Email Me.